Emergency Online Access to Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Books through HathiTrust

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library has been approved for HathiTrust’s Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS). The service effectively provides Tulane students, faculty, and staff with reading access to 46% of the library's print book collection, including copyrighted works. Normally, the digital corpus of HathiTrust's collection of digitized works duplicates access to about 26% of the library's holdings, but the expanded access has been activated because of the involuntary closure of the library due to campus recovery operations following Hurricane Ida.

To connect to the HathiTrust collection click the link to HathiTrust in our databases list or connect directly using the URL: https://www.hathitrust.org/. For full access users must log in when connected to the HathiTrust web site, following the directions from the yellow box on the right side of the entry page for selecting the correct member institution (Tulane), and logging in with a user name and password (your Tulane credentials). Additional directions can be found on the HathiTrust web site. See https://www.hathitrust.org/ETAS-User-Information.

HathiTrust is a not-for-profit collaborative of academic and research libraries, including Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. It preserves more than 17 million digitized items and makes them accessible to the fullest extent allowable by U.S. copyright law. HathiTrust members steward the collection — the largest set of digitized books managed by academic and research libraries — under the aims of scholarly interests.

Highlights of the Temporary Emergency Access Service

Books currently available through the Emergency Temporary Access Service have the label “Temporary Access.” Through the library's HathiTrust membership, users can also get access to books that are marked “Full View” as normal. Some books marked “Limited (search-only)” are restricted based on special terms of the service, and their full text is not available.  

Temporary Access books can be read online only as long as the library is eligible for the Emergency Temporary Access Service, or until the library resumes its normal operations. 

Temporary Access books can be downloaded only one page at a time to comply with copyright guidelines and can be accessed only by current Tulane students, faculty, and staff.  The service is not available to alumni or individuals who have guest affiliations.

Books can be "checked out" in HathiTrust for 1 hour. Access will renew automatically at the end of that hour, unless another user has requested access to the same book.

A full list of FAQs can be found on the HathiTrust web site.  See https://www.hathitrust.org/ETAS-User-Information#FAQ

A short tutorial on how to access items in HathiTrust is available at https://libguides.tulane.edu/ld.php?content_id=53605520