A Great New Place to Study

New tables and about 25 seats have been added to the atrium area on the 5th floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, which may have created the new best place for students to study in the building.

Each of the new tables has power outlets and sits adjacent to the atrium’s double-height windows, providing some of the best views of the surrounding area and the city on campus. The soft, comfortable seating that had been in the space is still there, just moved a bit to one side.

The wood finishes on the tables were selected to match those of the other newer furniture pieces throughout the library’s 5th and 6th floors. The chairs that go with the tables have a familiar look as well.

The atrium area is located on the north end of the 5th floor and, as an open space prior to the installation of new furniture, had been used occasionally for university events.

- AC 9/12/2023

New study space