Meet Your Librarians: Raquel Horlick and Courtney Kearney

Raquel Horlick

After conducting her own research and assisting others as a lab coordinator, Raquel Horlick; Coordinator for Scholarly Resources, Sciences, and Engineering; was inspired to become a librarian because of her love of learning, organizing, and hunting down answers to questions. Since 2013, Raquel has helped critically appraise information, find scholarly materials, and empower students, faculty, and staff as a part of her duties at Tulane University Libraries (TUL).

At TUL, Raquel is most excited to help students and researchers succeed. “We do some mind-blowing research at Tulane, and I get to support that work. I consider myself to be a very curious, skeptical, and investigative person who enjoys helping others. My current role allows me to work with researchers, attend seminars, go to conferences, and have the opportunity to stay current of major scientific, medical, and technological trends and advancements,” shares Horlick.

This Fall, Raquel looks forward to the opportunity to form and further develop the Library’s relationship with campus partners, particularly through the library’s workshop series, which she has played a significant role to build. TUL workshops reach a wide range of people and are a wonderful opportunity for staff and librarians to demonstrate and promote new skills and initiatives.

Fun Fact: Raquel originally hails from Montréal, Quebec.


Courtney Kearney

While a library student worker during her undergraduate studies, Courtney Kearney, Scholarly Engagement Librarian (Physical Sciences and Data Management), dreamed of a career as a librarian. After working as a researcher in geology and oceanography for 15 years, she realized that she most enjoyed “digging for information” and working with students. Now, as a science librarian, she explores both her passions for both science and librarianship.

“I admire the people I work with and am thankful to be a part of a group that roots its work in social justice and advocacy. I love thinking about the ethics and impact of data on our day-to-day lives and how what we collect now may impact research and generations to come,” says Kearney.

As a member of the Tulane University Libraries team since 2017, Courtney has created workshops, crafted library guides, and met the data needs of individuals and groups on and off campus. Her work has increased the Tulane community’s data literacy across disciplines, and she hopes to support the learning paths of all Tulanians in the Fall 2021 semester.

Fun Fact: Courtney is a Saints fan and is already planning her costume for Mardi Gras 2022.

picture of Raquel Horlick and Courtney Kearney