New Library Classroom and Event Space Can Be Used for Studying Too

A project over the summer built a large glassed-in library classroom under the older wooden portion of the ceiling on Howard-Tilton Memorial Library’s 4th floor in an open area adjacent to the general stacks.

The classroom is intended to be used for library-related classes and events, but when no events are scheduled, its doors are open and can be used by students as a study area with no reservations needed.

The room has 24 wooden tables, including 12 with power outlets, and these are matched to 48 wooden chairs—all with finishes selected to match the ceiling. For a bit of history, the wooden ceiling above the space is original to the construction of the building, which opened in 1968. It was then part of an enclosed reading room for the library’s Special Collections Department when special collections were located on the 4th floor, then the top floor of the building. Special Collections moved to nearby Jones Hall in the late 1990s. Previously, Jones Hall served as home for the Law School for a while until Law moved to its present newer quarters on the uptown campus. The building now known as Jones Hall was constructed in the 1930s as the original Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.

For library classes and events, the new room has been fitted with two large-screen wall monitors and “classroom in a box” instructional technology that can be operated from a movable lectern. An additional 30 chairs on a cart in the room can be set up when needed for larger events. A scheduler device will eventually be installed at the room’s entrance to let users know when events are scheduled.

- AC 9/13/2023

4th floor classroom