New Study Areas for Graduate Students on Howard-Tilton's 3rd Floor

Graduate students at Tulane this fall have two brand new study areas available to them at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Over the summer, the library built one new graduate study area located toward the south side end of the east side of its 3rd floor (closest to Freret Street) and another, smaller area toward the north side (closest to Dixon Hall).

The new Freret side graduate study area has 17 individual study spaces configured with a mix of seating, just like the very popular grad study space renovated a couple of years ago on the north end of the 2nd floor. The area features open-faced storage units for graduate students to store books and other items they bring with them into the room. The new Dixon side area is smaller but has 11 individual study spaces with tall carrel-type cubicle seating, more like the other previously renovated grad study spaces on the Freret side of the 2nd floor. It also features open-faced storage units.

Like the popular grad study areas on the 2nd floor, the new 3rd floor areas are accessible to graduate students through the use of their Splashcards via card access devices on each entrance door.

This 3rd-floor renovation was done in concert with renovations allowing the Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) to join the Innovative Learning Center (ILC) in a new central area between the new grad study areas. Both CELT and the ILC support faculty in their use of instructional technologies.

- AC 8/21/2023

New graduate study spaces on HTML 3rd floor