Digital Resources

The Latin American Library (LAL) has a growing corpus of digital resources, detailed below.

Past digital initiatives have involved collaborations with other notable institutions and researchers here at Tulane, within the United States, and abroad. The LAL also encourages Tulane's faculty and students to explore digital scholarship opportunities here at The Latin American Library and its special collections. Contact the Curator of Special Collections, Dr. Christine Hernández or the Director, Dr. Hortensia Calvo for more information and assistance.

Digital Collections

The Latin American Library has substantially expanded its holdings to include digital surrogates of primary source materials from is special collections. The current digital collections are listed below, and via LAL holdings, The Latin American Library Digital Collections, hosted by the Tulane University Digital Library (TUDL). The holdings from which these collections come from include photographic images, rare books, audio tapes, and manuscripts. Please check back frequently to the Digital Resources page or TUDL as LAL continues to publish new collections.

Online Exhibits

The Latin American Library maintains an active schedule of physical exhibitions of materials from its collections sponsored by the LAL and/or in collaboration with other departments in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, members of the Tulane faculty, Tulane students, New Orleans community partners, and other national and international libraries, museums, and institutions. 

To make these temporary physical exhibitions available to a wider audience and to those who cannot visit the library in person, LAL has endeavored to create digital versions of LAL exhibitions available online via the Tulane University Digital Repository. A complete list of links to LAL digital exhibits is available on the LAL Events & Exhibits page.

 Tulane faculty, students, and affiliates are encouraged to explore LAL collections for use in their own digital exhibit projects.

    Videos from The Latin American Library

    The Latin American Library contributes occasional videos to the Speaker Series hosted by the Tulane University Digital Repository and the Tulane University Libraries YouTube channel. Below are listed the current offerings.

    The LAL on YouTube

    The LAL librarians and staff promote the holdings and services with video offerings through the LAL playlist on the Tulane University Libraries YouTube channel: The Latin American Library's Playlist on YouTube.

    Speakers Series

    General Rafael E. Melgar Collection: Inaugural Presentation, April 12, 2013

    Opening remarks and introductions to two guest speakers, Daniel Melgar, son of General Rafael Melgar, and Javier Garcíadiego, Mexican historian and President of El Colegio de México as part of the celebration to the opening of the General Rafael E. Melgar Collection at The Latin American Library.

    Interview with Erika Diettes, June 21, 2013 

    Hortensia Calvo, Director of The Latin American Library, interviews Colombian photographer and artist, Erika Diettes about the social, political, and artistic aspects of her work. The research material used by Diettes to create her works exhibited all around the world are house in the LAL's Image Archive.

    Amazônia Ocupada featuring the works of João Farkas, February 8, 2019

    Professor Christopher Dunn, of Tulane's Spanish and Portuguese Department, leads a conversation with renown Brazilian photographer, João Farkas, about his work during his attendance at the opening of an exhibition at The Latin American Library highlighting a donation of his photographic prints documenting the mass migration of workers from throughout Brazil into the Amazon basin during the 1980s and 1990s.