By Kay P Maye

Popular Reading describes literature that has mass commercial appeal. This group includes novels, poetry, and other works that meant to entertain readers. Browse this library guide to find popular reading materials in our library's collection. Many of the readings included on this guide are available in print and as e-books, so be sure to check our catalog if you would prefer the version not featured here

    Our library resources are organized and described with Library of Congress Subject Headings and Name Authorities. These headings and names can be used as search terms to help you find readings of interest. For a complete listing of Library of Congress Subject Headings and Name Authorities, visit the following link: Home - LC Linked Data Service: Authorities and Vocabularies | Library of Congress (

    Genre Terms to Use

    Some terms from the Library of Congress Subject Headings

    Romance Romance; Love; Marriage (See Love thematic terms); Popular literature
    Mystery, Tension, Suspense, & Horror Horror tales; Mystery; Tension; Suspense; Emotion; Fear; Terror; Panic; Stress; Phobia; Suspense fiction; Crime; Violence; Suspense fiction; Precognition; Popular literature; Revelation
    Young Adult Literature Young adult literature; Young adult drama; Young adult fiction; Young adult poetry; Young adults; Popular literature
    Poetry Poetry; Couplets; Beat poetry; Hymns; Prose poems; Love poetry; Lyric poetry; Slam poetry; Spoken word; Melody
    Drama (Theater) Children's plays; Drama; Theater; Black theater; Feminist theater; Gay theater; Melodrama; Passion-plays; Street theater; Popular literature
    Science Fiction Science fiction; time travel; X-files fiction; Cyberpunk fiction; Star Wars Fiction; Star Trek Fiction; Popular literature
    Autobiographies and Biographies Autobiographies; Biography; Epitaphs; Memoir; Life; Death; Popular literature
    Fantasy Fantasy; Magic; Lore; Speculative fiction; Imagination; Daydream; Popular literature
    Short Form Zines; Monologue; Soliloquy; Popular literature
    Graphic Novels and Comics Comics; Popular literature; Satire; Humor; Graphic Novel; Graphic; Imagery; Graphic fiction; Nonfiction Graphic novels; Superheroes; Villains

    Thematic Terms to Use

    Some terms from the Library of Congress Subject Headings

    Family Family; Siblings; Love; Mother; Father; Loss; Grief; Care; Ancestry
    Love Love; Emotions; Affection; Marriage; Unrequited love; Intimacy; Affection; Romance; Divorce; Life; Spouse; Compatibility; Heartbreak
    Survival, Overcoming, and Self Care Survival; Overcoming; Self Care; Love; Grief; Triumph; Destiny; Passion; Free will; Determinism; Well-being; Self-love; Mental care
    Money  Money; Finance; Expenses; Exchange; Hardship; Decline; Prosper; Economics
    Greed and Malice Greed; Malice; Hardship; Fear; Concern; Privilege; Pain; Sin
    Satire and Irony

    Satire; Irony; Wit; Humor; Parody; Grotesque; Sarcasm; Cynicism


    Search the library catalog using the following popular literary awards:

    Nobel Prize in Literature
    Pulitzer Prize
    National Book Award
    Booker Prize (Books published in the UK or Ireland)
    Women' Prize for Fiction
    The Hugo Ward (Science Fiction)
    British Book Award
    John Newbery Medal (Children's Literature)


    Visit the SEARCH STRATEGIES page to learn more about searching for the library's holdings:

     Search Strategies - ENGLISH 1010 - Library Guides at Tulane University

    Most popular readings can be found in the English literature and American literature section of the library. Since the library is organized using the Library of Congress call number headings, these readings will have call numbers beginning with PR (English) and PS (American) and are located on the 2nd floor of the library. If you find a book using our online search, you can also use the MAP IT feature to show the book's location.


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