How to Select Journals for Publication?

By Raquel Horlick

Step 1- Create a shortlist of titles

Consider the following when developing your shortlist:

  • Which journals do you cite regularly?
  • Where are your colleagues publishing?
  • Have you received calls for papers?
  • Try a journal selecting tool (see Tools)
  • Who is your audience: international, local, general, specific?
  • Do you want to publish open access (see Open Access Publishing)?


Step 2- Refine your shortlist

Consider the following to narrow-down your journal options:

  • Read the journal's aims, audience and scope
  • Review the journal's peer-review policy
  • Review articles to assess their quality (see Predatory Publishers)
  • Determine your author rights (do you keep copyright)
  • Search for the journal impact factor (see Scholarly Impact)
  • Look at rejection rates
  • Determine costs
  • Find the turn-around-time for submission to publication

Step 3- Make your decision

Final things to take into consideration:

Common reasons for rejection

  • Manuscript doesn’t match Journal scope 
  • Author guidelines aren’t followed 
  • Lack of interest or need for the research
  • Doesn’t add anything insightful
  • Issues with empirical work 
  • Questionable conclusions
  • Excessive language errors
  • Plagiarism 
  • Improper format 
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Matchmaking tools

Finding impact factors

Journal directories

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How to select journals for publications?