Collections Policies

The following are collection development policies for Tulane University Libraries. The policies describe how general collections are acquired to support Tulane's academic departments on its uptown campus. Each subject area policy below details general selection guidelines ranging from subject scope and to preferences for publication types, formats, language, geographic origin, and more. The policies are maintained by the librarians who select resources based on communication with faculty in their liaison departments. For more information contact Andy Corrigan, Associate Dean of Libraries.

Program Support

Tulane University offers undergraduate and graduate courses through departments and programs. While departments have their own faculty and offer large numbers of courses on their own, the structure of programs varies widely. Most programs are interdisciplinary and cross-departmental, drawing participating faculty and their courses from a variety of departments. A few programs, however, offer relatively large numbers of courses independently.

Programs with significant numbers of courses independently listed in the catalog will, like departments, have their own policies and funds. Not counted are courses such as introductory level courses, independent study courses, special topics courses, and thesis seminars. Another factor is whether a program has its own faculty not associated with a department. Otherwise, programs are covered by the library's regular support for departments and monitored by librarians assigned to the departments most closely associated with them. 

Other Collections Policies
Manuals, and Guidelines