Course Reserves: Media (Sound and Visual Recordings Only)

To complete your media reserves request:

  1. Fill out the fields below (semester needed, instructor's name, instructor's email)
  2. Open to reserves worksheet by clicking on the link under the Course Reserves Sheet heading
  3. Upload the completed worksheet by clicking the Browse button, selecting the appropriate file, clicking the Open button, and then clicking the Upload button.
  4. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

If you need additional guidance, you may refer to the short How-To Video Tutorial or the Instructions document linked below or contact

How-to Video Tutorial:


Sound and Visual Recordings Only

Course Reserve Sheet

Please submit your course reserve sheet below. You can download a blank copy of the Excel spreadsheet here:

(excel format required)
Given limited availability during heavy times of use, we strongly advise your students to view media reserves in a timely manner throughout the semester. Further delays at media reserve circulation may be avoided if your students come prepared with a call number. We encourage you to include call number information on your viewing lists. If you would like further assistance in identifying DVD call numbers please feel free to contact lisa Hooper via email (