Find Ephemera and Vertical Files

Ephemera are small printed items intended for a short, or ephemeral, lifespan. These include pamphlets, flyers, campaign cards, church bulletins, and menus. Because such items are often stored upright in filing cabinets, they are often referred to as "vertical files."

Louisiana Research Collection Ephemera

Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC) has an extensive ephemera collection compiled by the Louisiana Research Collection that contains fliers, brochures, menus, and pamphlets from Louisiana and New Orleans related to the following subjects: 

  • Restaurants and nightclubs
  • Heritage and preservation societies
  • LGBT businesses and organizations
  • African American businesses and organizations 
  • Horticultural societies and garden clubs
  • Social welfare and charitable organizations
  • Synagogues, churches, and religious groups
  • Theaters, cabarets, and performing arts clubs
  • Neighborhood and community organizations
  • Social, ethnic, and fraternal organizations
  • Art societies, galleries, fairs, and auctions
  • Hurricane Katrina recovery organizations
  • Environmental and conservation groups
  • Business and civic affairs societies

The collection is strong in art ephemera going to back to about 1900, political ephemera going back to about 1840, theatre ephemera going back to about 1820.

The TUSC ephemera collection on New Orleans and Louisiana history is indexed in a database that is not currently accessible. For more information, contact

Louisiana ephemera
Items from the Louisiana Research Collection ephemera files

Vertical Files from the Hogan Archive of New Orleans Music and New Orleans Jazz

Hogan Vertical Files are currently CLOSED due to mold remediation work. We will update this website when we are able to reopen the collection.


TUSC also maintains a collection of vertical files compiled by the Hogan Archive of New Orleans Music and New Orleans Jazz. Containing information on people, bands, discography, and subjects relevant to New Orleans music and history, these vertical files include items such as newspaper clippings, correspondence, unpublished writings, ephemera, and journal articles, as well as public documents and official records. 

Inventories are searchable via the PDFs linked below. 

Hogan Archive Vertical Files: Bands  PDF
Hogan Archive Vertical Files: People PDF
Hogan Archive Vertical Files: Subjects PDF