New library system to improve access to collections

On July 8th, Tulane University Libraries will implement a new library system, Alma, which will assist us in managing our print and online collections within a single platform. While this large-scale software implementation involves the entire community, we have made every effort to minimize disruptions to library users. If you have a question or need assistance, please contact your librarian here.

The migration to Alma will include an update to Library Search, and saved records and searches will not carry over after July 8th. If you have saved records in Library Search that you would like to export, you can log-in and select “Saved Items” from the menu below your name in the upper right. Then, check the box above the list to select all. From the triple dot menu at the top, you can email or otherwise export your saved items.

Alma was selected for its ease of use, its compatibility with other systems, and its many analytics and reporting options. Through its integration with the university’s financial systems, Alma will greatly improve library services with efficiencies in billing, resource management, and other areas.

Ex Libris Alma official logo