Tulane University Libraries has completed its migration to Alma

On July 8, 2021, Tulane University Libraries (TUL) completed the large-scale implementation of a new library platform, Alma, impacting the entire Tulane community. After 23 years, TUL has migrated from the Voyager system, which ran a wide range of library functions through separate modules on individual computer hard drives, to Alma for its cloud-based system, its compatibility with other systems, and its analytics and reporting options.

Because it consolidates the management of TUL print and online collections within a single program and is accessible through the web, Alma is remarkably easy for librarians and staff to use. Alma updates library resources in real time, which allows users immediate access to materials instead of the 24-hour delay experienced with the previous discovery tool. Librarians and staff will now be better able to track renewals for journals and streaming media. “Behind the scenes” dashboards and analytics will help librarians track performance and use statistics. The system also stores invoices and licenses for electronic resources in one place, thus eliminating separate systems, paper files, and server storage for digital copies. Through its integration with the university’s financial systems, Alma will also improve the library’s financial tracking by streamlining billing and resource management, among other things.  Even with all these improvements, as well as a redesigned discovery tool, the end user experience will be mostly the same as before; patrons won’t see much difference in the look and functionality of the Library Search.

The Alma project team; consisting of Pat Vince (co-chair), Gena George, Hayden Battle, Kate Montgomery, Elizabeth Elmwood, Sean Bourg, Mike Jones, Laura Wright, and Michelle Gibeault; dedicated 11 months to successfully complete this transition, even while working from home. I am proud of how they supported each other and tackled deadlines throughout such an extensive process. Their work will lead to better efficiency for staff and overall satisfaction of the library users,” says Donna Capelle Cook, Director of Technical Services and co-chair of the project team.

For questions or assistance, contact a librarian.

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