Data Management

A Tulane University Libraries Research Data Management team assists Tulane faculty, students, and staff with the management, organization, and sharing of research data. Librarians are available for individual consultations, classroom instruction, and on-demand workshops. The team also provides campus workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters on data management, writing data management plans, and tools to clean data. 

To learn more about data management best practices and tools, visit the Data Management Library Guide

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Make a Data Management Plan

Creating and implementing a data management plan (DMP) saves time, increases research impact, improves accessibility, addresses privacy and confidentiality issues, safeguards data, and ensures funder compliance. Use the DMPTool to view example DMPs and create a DMP that meets the needs of funders.

Visit the Data Management Library Guide to learn more about DMPs and the DMPTool. 

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Organize your Research

The organization and storage of data is essential in the research process. LabArchives is an electronic notebook that enables researchers to capture, manage, store, and share information and data. LabArchives also facilitates collaboration amongst researchers within a lab, institution, and with external stakeholders.

Visit the LabArchives Library Guide to learn more about how to get started.

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Share your Data

Increase impact by sharing research data. Every research project builds on previous research and knowledge. By sharing data and publications effectively, users proactively contribute to this process. 

To learn more about how to share data, explore the Data Management Library Guide.

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