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In Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, there are two black-and-white printers and a color printer located on the 1st floor in the Learning Commons. There is also one black-and-white printer in the 1st floor stacks area (past the PJ's coffee stand), one located in the study commons/stacks on the 2nd floor, one located in the elevator lobby on the 3rd floor, and one located on the 6th floor.

Upload documents to the print queue at

Students at the Learning Commons' printers

Print Instructions

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To find the printers in the library on, search for html.

Cost of Printing

Black & White prints cost 10 cents per page. Color prints cost 70 cents per page.

Who Can Print

Tulane Students, Faculty, and Staff can use the printing system with Splash cards, adding cash value to cards at vend stations in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (in the 1st Floor lobby near the elevators), at the Lavin-Bernick Center, or at Richardson Memorial Hall. Visitors to Howard-Tilton are also encouraged to use the system, purchasing a card at vend stations in the library (in the 1st Floor lobby near the the elevators) or at the Lavin-Bernick Center.

Adding Value to your Card

The card dispensers at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (in the 1st Floor lobby near the elevators), the Lavin-Bernick Center, and on the 1st floor of Richardson Memorial Hall allow card holders to add cash value to their purchased cards or to their Splash cards. Just follow the directions at the machine.

Tulane Students, Faculty, and Staff may also use Gibson Online to add value to Splash cards with a credit card.


Scanners are available in: 

  • Howard-Tilton Memorial Library:
    • First Floor Stacks: There are three flatbed scanners (with document feeders) near the technology help desk
    • Sixth Floor: There is a large-format overhead scanner by Media Services Desk
  • Jones Hall

For the overhead scanners, scans may either be saved to a USB drive or e-mailed directly from the computer attached to the scanner. Researchers can bring their own USB drive.

Phone apps such as Box and Microsoft Office Lens and Adobe Scan turn your phone into a scanner. 

No fax machines are available for public use in the library. However, you may use a free online site to fax word documents or PDFs. If you have a printed document, use a scanner or phone app to scan your document and then create a PDF. See the Technology Services desk for assistance with scanners.

More options for free online fax services.


Self-service black-and-white copy machines are located on the 1st and 5th floors of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Copies cost 10 cents per page. The copy machines accept only Splash cards or printing/copying cards purchased from the card dispenser in the 1st floor lobby near the elevators. Copiers do not accept cash or coins.