Library Policies & Guidelines

Collection Organization
  • Journals are shelved alphabetically by title. Some bound journals are now electronic-only and have been removed from the stacks, while other titles are located in offsite storage. A complete list of all electronic titles is located on the Math Library’s homepage under Electronic Journals. Please inquire with the librarian should you have difficulty locating a title, whether electronic or in hardcopy.
  • Books are arranged by subject matter and divided into 28 categories: Algebra (Alg), Algebraic Geometry (AlgG), Coding Theory (CT), Analysis (An), Combinatorics (Comb), Complex Variables (CV), Computer Science (CS), Conference (CON), Differential Equations (DE), Differential Geometry (DG), Early Works (EW), Geometry (Geo), History (Hist), Information Sciences (Inf), Lives and Works (LW), Logic (Log), Miscellaneous (Misc), Number Theory (NT), Numerical Calculus (NuC), Optimization and Control (O.C.), Physics and Applied Mathematics (PAM), Probability (Prob), Special Functions (SpF), Finance (Fin), Statistics (Stat), Topology (Top), Topological Algebra (TopA), and Reference (Ref). Please locate call numbers by using Tulane Libraries' online catalog.
  • Dissertations are kept in a small section near the end of the last book aisle on the left-hand side. They are blue, hard-bound books, arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name. Department Faculty and Graduate Students are allowed to check-out these materials.
  • All library materials can be located by referring to the posted library maps, aisle signs, or by asking the librarian.
Loan Policies
  • Unbound or display journals and Reserve materials are designated as “Library Use Only” and may not leave the library. Reserve materials are housed in the Library office.
    Exceptions are made for Graduate Students only, concerning Reserve materials. Please see the librarian whenever these materials are needed.
  • Bound journals are limited to Department Faculty and Graduate Students and for a loan period of 2 days.
  • Loan Periods
    Tulane faculty members 1 year
    Tulane graduate students 1 semester
    Visitors and undergraduates 28 days
Checkout, Return & Renewal
  • All users must have a Tulane University Splash Card.
  • Tulane personnel should bring their Tulane I.D.
  • Non-Tulane personnel will need to have an approved library borrower I.D. card such as LALINC, TULU, CALL prior to being issued a Tulane Library barcode. Please call or see the Math librarian or the Howard-Tilton Library Check-Out Desk for further details.
  • To check out a book, please print your full name and the date on the book card located on the inside back cover of the book. Leave the card in the checkout box located next to the library office door or hand to the librarian.
  • To renew a title, you may contact the librarian by telephone (504) 862-3455 or in person during library office hours, which run from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Barcoded books may also be self-renewed by visiting the My Library Account page.
  • To return an item, please leave it in the return box, located to the left of the Library office door or hand it to the librarian.
  • Tulane Mathematics Department members should use department-issued copier codes to enable photocopying on the library copier.
  • Non-Math Department users must see the librarian or Mathematics office staff before making photocopies.
  • The photocopy charge for Non-Department personnel is 10 cents per page.