Library Instruction


What is Library Instruction and its benefits?

Library instruction provides students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to appropriately interact with information in any form. With this, library instructors are committed to helping students through the research and creative project lifecycle. Through library instruction, students enhance their information literacy (including data literacy, media literacy, and other related literacies). By integrating library instruction into your coursework, students--

  • Gain a deeper understanding of information bias and misinformation
  • Learn how to approach the research lifecycle with respect to  creating, finding, and sharing information
  • Confront and critique their own information practices and biases
  • Incorporate tools necessary to becoming organized researchers
  • Interact with librarians they'll encounter throughout their time at the university
What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy is the ability to engage with information to achieve an information need related to research and creative endeavors.  Librarians are experts in information literacy, data literacy, media literacy, and a host of other related literacies, helping students discern bias and determine what information is appropriate to fulfill their information need.

What is taught during Library Instruction?

Library Instruction sessions are customizable. Faculty can choose from a variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Strategically searching the library's catalog and other academic databases
  • Academic Publishing
  • Citation and Citation Politics
  • Media Literacy (podcasting, video recording, etc.)
  • Primary Sources, Special Collections, and Archival Materials
  • Data Management, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization
Who provides Library Instruction?

Library instruction is provided by librarians across the University Libraries. Consult the chart below to find the right instructor for your discipline. 

Librarian Disciplines Department/Library  
Kay P Maye Sociology, Education, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Social Work, Economics, Political Economy, Emergency & Security Studies, Data Analysis & Visualization, Data Management Scholarly Engagement
Raquel Horlick
Biomedical Engineering, Biosciences, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience, Psychology Scholarly Engagement
Victoria Elmwood

Classics, English, French and Italian, German and Slavic Studies, Medieval Studies

Scholarly Engagement
Katherine Hicks
Art, Architecture, Communications, Philosophy, and Media + Design Scholarly Engagement
Rachel Stein Anthropology, History, Jewish Studies, Political Science, Africana Studies, Middle East & North African Studies, Asian Studies, Native American Studies, Linguistics Scholarly Engagement
Kim Wheeler Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics & Engineering Physics, River-Coastal Science and Engineering Scholarly Engagement
lisa Hooper Music, Dance, Theatre, introductory creative media literacy  Scholarly Engagement/Media Services
Amy Corder School of Medicine, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine Matas Library of the Health Sciences, Downtown Campus
Laura Wright School of Medicine, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine Matas Library of the Health Sciences, Downtown Campus
Mary Holt School of Medicine, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine Matas Library of the Health Sciences, Downtown Campus
Bea Calvert School of Medicine, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine Matas Library of the Health Sciences, Downtown Campus
Agnieszka Czeblakow Primary Source Literacy, Book History, Archives and Archival Research Tulane University Special Collections
Melissa A. Weber Multidisciplinary, Primary Source Literacy Tulane University Special Collections - Hogan Archive of New Orleans Music and New Orleans Jazz
Sean Knowlton Digital Scholarship Digital Scholarship & Initiatives
The Latin American Library Latin American Studies (all disciplines), Spanish & Portuguese The Latin American Library
Turchin Business Library Business Turchin Business Library
Chloe Raub Primary Source Literacy, Archives and Archival Research, Women’s and Gender History, and Gender and Sexuality Studies Newcomb Archives and Vorhoff Collection
How do I request Library Instruction?

To request library instruction from one of our Scholarly Engagement instructors, visit the following form: Library Instruction Request: Scholarly Engagement Department.

To request instruction from Latin American Library instructors, contact For more information on the LAL instruction program, visit Teach with The Latin American Library.

To request instruction from the Health Science instructors, contact For more information on the Matas Health Sciences instruction program, visit Education Services

To request instruction from Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC) instructors, visit the following link: Teaching with Special Collections. For more information on TUSC, visit their website

To request instruction on topics in digital scholarship, visit the following form: Library Instruction Request: Topics in Digital Scholarship.

To request instruction from the Business Librarian, contact

To request instruction from the Newcomb Archives and Vorhoff Collection, contact  


Interested in asynchronous learning materials? Check out our video tutorials.

Assessing Library Instruction

Instruction Librarians are committed to provided excellent service! To do so, we collect data before and after instruction sessions that helps us continually elevate our practice. Please give your students the following survey before each instruction session: Pre-Learning Survey (Course Instruction). Collected data will not be shared outside of the library.