Borrowing Policies

At Tulane University Libraries, general collection items such as books and physical media can be borrowed at the main Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, the Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences, and the Math Library.

To check out materials from Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, users will need one of the following:

  • A Splash Card is a Tulane ID required for active faculty, staff, and students.
  • An Alumni Card is needed for any former Tulane student to have borrowing privileges and these are obtained from the Tulane Alumni Office.
  • TU/LU Card is for Loyola undergraduates to borrow from Howard-Tilton.
  • A CALL Card is for faculty and graduate students from New Orleans universities to borrow from Howard-Tilton.
  • A LALINC Card is for faculty and graduate students from Louisiana universities to borrow from Howard-Tilton.
  • A Subscriber Card is for members of the public to borrow from Howard-Tilton only and cannot be used to access online databases off-campus.

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Tulane Graduate Student:
Book Loan Period 1 year
Borrow Non-circulating Journals Yes - 2 Days
Cost of Membership N/A
Number of Items Allowed 100
Number of Book Renewals Allowed 3
Borrow Reserve Materials Yes
Borrow Tech Equipment Yes
Borrow Circulating DVDs Yes - 1 Week; Allowed 5 at a time
Borrow Circulating CDs Yes - 2 Weeks; Allowed 7 at a time
Assigned Carrels Yes - Via Carrel Application Form
Alternate Faculty Borrowing Cards

Alternate Faculty Borrowing Cards allow Tulane faculty members to designate assistants to check out materials to their library account.  To obtain an Alternate Faculty Borrowing Card, the faculty member must come to the Check Out Desk in person to verify their identity to anyone at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Check Out Desk, fill out and sign a request form, and receive the card. Each item checked out with the Alternate Faculty Borrowing Card is charged to the faculty member's library account. Alternate Faculty Borrowing Cards do not expire and may be passed to other student or graduate assistants. The faculty member remains fully responsible for all books checked out with the card and responsible for recalling the card when the surrogate leaves Tulane.

Renewing or Returning an Item

Whether at the main library of the Matas Library downtown, books may be renewed online or in person at the Check Out Desk if the item is not overdue or has not been requested by another library user. Library users are limited to three consecutive renewals per book.  High school students with borrowing privileges are not allowed to renew. Books may not be renewed over the phone or via email.

To renew online:

  1. Go to the Library Account link in the top right of all pages.
    • sign in library account screenshot
  2. Sign in.
    • Use your Tulane username and password.
    • Tulane Library User Login Screen
  3. Go to My Account, select the items to renew, and click Renew Selected.

Returning an Item:  When the library is open, a book may be returned to the book bins located just inside the entrance to the building.  Receipts for returning items are available only for items returned directly at the Check-Out Desk. Reserve books must be returned to the Check Out Desk.  When the library is closed, a book depository is available to the right of the main entrance. However, reserve books are still subject to fines if not returned to the Check Out Desk.  Do not return a checked-out book directly to the shelf.

Appealing a Fee

The library does not charge general overdue fines.  It does charge reserve fines, recall fines, and fees for lost, damaged or missing items. Should a user wish to appeal one of these charges, they should first speak with the supervisor on duty at the Check Out Desk. If the problem is not resolved the user may fill out an appeal form. Appeal forms are available online and at the desk. Appeal forms must be filled out completely and accurately, and include any documentation that will help the Appeals Board make its decision. The Appeals Board is comprised of a three librarians and/or staff members from the various divisions of the library and the Head of Access Services. The Appeals Board meets once a month (when there are appeals to be heard). The board decisions are sent to the user using a decision form.