Creative & Resource Technology

Tulane Libraries in partnership with Tulane University IT offer a wide range of hardware for use in and out of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library to support scholarly and creative work.

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Creative Tech

an angled overhead view of a black desktop document scanner.Office Desktop Scanner

These Epson desktop scanners with document feeders are ideal for digitizing individual pages and photographs.

Location: 1st floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.

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An front-facing image of the Bookeye4 Overhead scanner.Overhead Large Format Scanner

The BookEye overhead scanner is ideal for capturing quality images of large format materials such as scores, art books,  newspapers, and original creative works.

Location: 6th floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, near the Service Desk

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a pair of black Sony headphones hovering against a white background.General Use Headphones

These Sony headphones are ideal for casual use such as listening to online classes, music, or films.

Location: 1st floor Technology Desk

Loan Duration: 14 hours, may be used outside of library

Overdue Fines: $1 per hour (maximum fine of $20)

A pair of black Shure headphones resting on their side against a white background. The Shure logo is emblazoned on the side.Studio Headphones

These Shure study headphones are ideal for viewing film or listening to music, movies, and basic sound editing work.

Location: 6th floor Service Desk

Loan Duration: During Media Services hours, currently only available for in-library use.

Overdue Fines: $1 per hour (maximum fine of $20)

A black 4 channel amp against a white background. The ART logo is emblazoned across the top.4 Channel Headphone Amp

Ideal for headphone monitoring on recordings of up to four voices or instruments.

Location: 1st floor Technology Desk

Loan Duration: 14 hours

Overdue Fines: $1 per hour (maximum fine of $20)

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White Snowball brand microphone perches like a large snowball on top of a small chrome microphone stand.Snowball Microphone

Connect the Snowball to a computer workstation via USB. This uni-directional microphone is ideal for recording spoken conversation.

Location: 6th floor Service Desk

Loan duration: 1 week

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Looking at an angle at the front lense and side of a Canon Vixia HF R52 camcorder. The silver Sony logo is emblazoned on the side.Canon Vixia Camcorder

This camcorder is perfect for recording events, home movies, recitals, and audition reels. Ask for a tripod when borrowing this camcorder.

Location: 1st floor Technology Desk

Loan Duration: 14 hours

Overdue Fines: $1 per hour (maximum fine of $20)

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A sleek, silver pocket camera.Canon Powershot Camera

This camera is ideal for photographing and documenting field work, capturing images to enhance a presentation, or photographing creative work.

Location: 1st floor Technology Desk

Loan Duration: 14 hours

Overdue Fines: $1 per hour (maximum fine of $20)

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A silver and white cardreader with the Kingston logo emblazoned on it sits on a white background.USB 3.0 Card Reader

The Kingston USB3.0 Card Reader enables users to easily transfer images and files from SD Cards and MicroDS cards to computers and other storage devices. 

Location: 6th floor Service Desk

Loan Duration: 1 week

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Accessibility Tech

A view looking down at a desk that includes a large computer monitor, a high color contrast keyboard, and digital document reader.Assistive Technology Workstation

This workstation includes a suite of assistive hardware and software. A full description of this workstation is available on the Library Accessibility Information page.

Location: 1st floor Learning Commons

Picture of a digital magnifier. A flat surface with a book resting open upon it. On the screen above the book the machine's vendor logo is displayed. Video Magnifier Reader

Visitors can use this piece of equipment to enlarge, sharpen, or recolor print materials for reading.

Location: 6th floor commons area

Resource Tech

Head on view. A large screen hung on a white column. A half circle table below the screen includes a headphone amp.Multi-Region Viewing Stations

Individuals or small groups of up to 4 people may use headphones to watch films on DVD, Bluray, and VHS. A videodisc player is also available upon request at the 6th floor Service Desk.

Location: 6th floor common areas

A two-cassette deck player is stacked on top of a 5-CD player. The bottom of the stack is an Onkyo Reciever. Sitting to the left of the stack is an Audio Technica turntable. Listening Station

The listening station offers visitors the opportunity to listen to CDs, cassette tapes, and records from the library's collections or from a personal collection. Headphones are available for check out from the 6th floor Service Desk as needed.

Location: 6th floor, Freret Street side

Image of a black portable disc reader on a white background.Portable USB Disc Reader

Compatible with any computer equipped with a USB3 port, these portable disc readers may be used to watch DVDs from the library's extensive film collection or a personal collection.

Location:  6th floor Service Desk

Loan Duration: 1 week

An image of an ST Imaging-branded digital microfilm reader sitting to the left of a vertically-oriented computer monitor and an ergonomic keyboard.Digital Microfilm Reader

The digital microfilm readers enable researchers to read materials in the microform collection and capture pdf, jpeg, or tiff files of full pages or portions of a page.

Location: 6th floor common area

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A head on view of the Konica Minolta microfilm reader. A newspaper is visible on the reader screen. The microfilm reel and uptake reel as well as image viewing buttons are visible.Microform Reader

The Konica Minolta Microform Reader enables quick access to information stored on microfilm and microfiche.

Location: 6th floor common area

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