Holds, Recalls, and Lost Items

Borrowers can request that items already checked out by others are held upon return and can even request that other borrowers return checked-out items of interest. The libraries charge for lost items, but no longer charge fines for items overdue.  

Placing a Hold on a Checked-Out Item

Holds are appropriate for checked-out items that are due to be returned soon or overdue. Placing a hold on the item prevents other library users from checking the item out or renewing their loan. Follow the same steps as Requesting an Item to place a hold on a book that is checked to out. Users may also contact the Circulation Department (circ@tulane.edu) to request a hold.

Placing a Recall on a Check-Out Item

Recalls are used when a book is needed within a short time frame, When a book is recalled, the borrower who has the book has 10 days to return it. To place a recall, visit the Check-Out Desk located on the first floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library or contact the staff there at (circ@tulane.edu). Circulation staff can place a recall on any checked-out book.

Lost Items

The library does not charge general overdue fines. It does charge fines for unreturned course reserve items or recalls and fee are collected for lost or heavily damaged items. Borrowed items are declared lost when they are more than 28 days overdue.  At that point, the borrower is charged a replacement cost for the item through the Bursar’s Office, which also issues the charges for reserve fines an recall fines. The replacement cost for a book is $115. 

Should a user wish to appeal one of these charges, they should first speak with the supervisor on duty at the Check-Out Desk. If the problem is not resolved the user may fill out an appeal form. Appeal forms are available online and at the desk. Appeal forms must be filled out completely and accurately, and include any documentation that will help the Appeals Board make its decision. The Appeals Board is comprised of three librarians and/or staff members from the various divisions of the library and the Head of Access Services. The Appeals Board meets monthly (when there are appeals to be heard). The board decisions are sent to the user using a decision form.