Make a Request, Recalls, and Holds

Tulane affiliated library users may place a request to pick up items from Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, the Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences, or the Tulane Libraries Offsite Facility through Library Search or the local catalog.  Item recalls and holds may be requested too.

When items are requested and retrieved, they may be picked up at the main Check-Out Desk at Howard-Tilton, the main desk at the Matas Library, or mailed to a personal address outside of Orleans Parish. Any items not found or otherwise unavailable will be cancelled with an email. Library users are limited to 5 requests at one time.

This service is not available for those with alumni, TULU, CALL, LALINC, or subscriber cards. 

To place a request through the online catalog, look up each item by title or call number, then:

1.  Click on "Availability" on the left or scroll down to the "Availability" section. Click on "Sign In."

make a request, go to availability

2.  Sign in with Tulane user name and password. 

3.  Click on "Request Delivery." If you do not see the Request Delivery option, you may have a block due to fees or due to the need to register for classes. Email or call (504) 865-5689 for assistance.

4.  If there is more than one copy of the book, chose a copy.

5.  Choose a pickup location. (Howard-Tilton, Matas). To request an item to be mailed, write a note in the COMMENT section and provide your mailing address. Email or call (504) 865-5689 for assistance.

6.  Click "Send Request"

7.  Users will receive an email when the item is ready to be picked up.

8.  Retrieve items at the Check-Out desk at any time that the desk is staffed.  

Placing a Hold on a Checked-Out Item

Holds are appropriate for items that are due soon or overdue or when you can wait longer than two weeks. Placing a hold prevents other library users from checking the item out or renewing their loan. 

Follow the same steps as above to place a hold on a book that is checked to out.

Users may also contact the Circulation Department ( to request a hold.

Placing a Recall on a Checked-Out Item

Recalls are used when a book is needed within a short time frame, When a book is recalled, the library users who has the book has 10 days to return it. To place a recall, visit the Check-Out Desk located on the first floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Circulation staff can manually place a recall on any checked-out book from there.