Visiting the Library

Where is The Latin American Library located?

The Latin American Library is located on the 4th floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. For directions, click here.

What is the address of The Latin American Library?

The Latin American Library
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, 4th Floor
Tulane University
7001 Freret Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118, USA

What are the library hours?

See Visitor Information.

I am not a Tulane affiliate, am I able to consult materials in the Latin American Library?

Researchers and the general public are welcome to enter the building, see exhibits, attend events, browse the open stacks, and consult the special collections. Only users with a Tulane-issued splashcard (ID) may check out circulating material at Tulane Libraries, including the LAL.


    How do I get in touch with The Latin American Library?

    How do I make an appointment to talk to a librarian?

    • Write to LAL@tulane.edu and a librarian will respond to your email.
    Finding Materials

    How do I search for books and other materials in the LAL collections?

    There are a variety of discovery tools to search LAL collections. Library Search is the primary database for books (rare and non-rare), newspapers, microfilm, journals, articles, and databases. See How to Search the LAL Collections for more information, tips, and tools.

    ArchivesSpace is the primary database for archival collections. However, not all of LAL special collections are discoverable in ArchivesSpace. See The Latin American Library Special Collections for an overview of all the discovery tools and finding aids.

    What do I do if I cannot find a book in the LAL stacks? 

    Go to the Check-Out Desk on the 1st floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library and fill in a yellow "Locate Card." You will be notified when the book is found.

    What is the scope of the The Latin American Library Collections?

    The Latin American Library, a division of Tulane University Libraries, is among the world's foremost collections of research materials from and about Latin America and the Caribbean. The collection consists of more than 800,000 volumes and over 810 current periodical subscriptions and a growing number of digital resources. The Library’s rare and unique collections include over 15,000 rare printed works, 6,250 linear feet of manuscripts, 128,000 graphic and 6,000 cartographic items. The Latin American Library's collection is one of the most comprehensive of its kind, including original materials from the contact period to the present with substantial holdings documenting indigenous cultures in the region from pre-contact period to the present. It is one of only three stand-alone research collections devoted to the region in United States universities. For more information, see the Collections Overview.


    May I check books out from The Latin American Library?

    • Only users who have a Tulane-issued splashcard (ID card) or other documentation certifying they have check out privileges for circulating material at Tulane Libraries may check-out books out. See Tulane University Libraries' Borrowing Policies for details.
    • Non-Tulane affiliates are welcome to consult the circulating collections in house

    How do I request a book that is "In Process"?

    • You can request a book that is In Process by logging into your library account and using the request delivery button in the Availability section of the catalog record. See details and tutorial here.

    How do I request materials from the Offsite Depository?

    • You can request a book from the Offsite Depository by logging into your library account and using the request delivery button in the Availability section of the catalog record. See details and tutorial here. Non-Tulane users may request materials using the Offsite Request Form.
    Special Collections

    What is the procedure for consulting the LAL special collections?

    The LAL Special Collections are open to all researchers with a valid photo identification. See Consulting the LAL Special Collections for detailed guidelines and procedures.

    How do I request a reproduction of an item at The Latin American Library?

    The Latin American Library provides duplication services for both in-person and distance users of LAL Special Collections. See Duplication Policies & Services for details.

    Please note that the Latin American Library does not offer duplication services for the circulating collections. Tulane affiliates may request scans of articles and book chapters in thecirculating collections (1 chapter per book max.) via Interlibrary Loan

    How do I request permission to publish an image from the Latin American Library?

    If a user wishes to publish a reproduction of special collections materials, you will need to contact either the Curator of Special Collections or the Director of the Latin American Library via a Publication Request form in order to determine whether permission to publish special collections materials can and will be authorized. Please download the form and send it to LAL@tulane.edu. See Duplication Policies & Services for more information.

    How can I search for and explore materials in The Latin American Library Special Collections (manuscripts, photographic and image collections, rare maps, rare books, ephemera)?

    ArchivesSpace is the primary database for archival collections. Rare books and journals are discoverable via Library Search. However, many of LAL special collections materials are not discoverable in ArchivesSpace and Library Search. See The Latin American Library Special Collections for an overview of all the discovery tools and finding aids, including lists of rare maps and newspapers. For assistance, email LAL@tulane.edu.

    Do you have digital collections?

    The LAL currently has 4 major digital collections: Early Images of Latin America, The Louis J. Boeri and Minín Bujones Boeri Collection of Cuban-American Radionovelas, 1963-1970, Mesoamerican Painted Manuscripts, and Mexican Incunabula (1559-1600). You can access LAL digital collections via the Tulane University Digital Library.

    Please note that most of the LAL’s special collections are not digitized and are available only by consulting them in person. However, requests for reproductions of rare materials are available. See Duplication Policies & Services


    What are the Richard E. Greenleaf Fellowships at The Latin American Library?

    The Richard E. Greenleaf fellowships offer researchers who permanently reside in any country of Latin America or the Caribbean short-term residential grants to use the resources of the Latin American Library at Tulane to conduct research in any field of the humanities or social sciences. See the Fellowships page for details.

    Does the Latin American Library award grants for scholars who do not reside in Latin America or the Caribbean to use the collections?

    At this time, the Latin American Library does not have such research travel support for scholars who do not reside in Latin America or the Caribbean.


    What is the history of The Latin American Library?

    The LAL had its origins in 1924 as the library of the Middle American Research Institute, then known as the Department of Middle American Research (DMAR). See Mission & History for an overview of the library's evolution from 1924 to the present.


    How do I request a carrel at LAL?

    The Latin American Library has a limited number of carrels (small, private spaces) available for Latin Americanist faculty and graduate students who work in departments across campus. For the faculty application, click here. Graduate students must fill out this carrel application and send it to LAL@tulane.edu.


    How do I set up an instruction session for my class?

    Email LAL@tulane.edu and a librarian will get back to you. For more information about instructional philosophy and possibilities, see Teach with The Latin American Library.

    Events & Exhibits

    How do I find out about upcoming exhibits and events?

    See the News & Events section of The Latin American Library homepage.